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Welcome at ORmatiC GmbH

We are not involved in the traditional automation of industrial plants. With our know-how from various industry projects we pursue the following vision:
  • Decentralised energy supply through the implementation of the latest technologies
  • Optimal use of the primary energy in existing plants
  • Sensible power input through energy management

Our services

With our two business branches ORmatiC Energy (ORC) and ORmatiC Automation (automation of biogas plants) we offer our customers a high degree of know-how in the field of automation:

ORmatiC energy ORC

In the area ORmatiC-energy we offer energy production from high temperature waste heat through the use of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC).

This is NEW: With the product group ORC-a®125LT, ORmatiC-energy offers ORC systems with an output below 300 kW and an amortization time of less than 4 years (depending of the proceeds from the energy input)! This means that the ORC-a system enables cost-effective production of electric energy with waste heat amounts as small as 900 kW.

The delivery of our ORC-a®125LT modules for waste heat utilization started in January 2011.

ORmatiC automation

In our ORmatiC Automation branch we specialize on the automation of biogas plant.

In the automation of industry plants our emphasis lies on energy optimization in large refrigeration plants through the use of phiControl and the optimization of regulation technology for processing. 

This is new in ORmatiC Automation: Report On Demand. Do you want to reduce costs for operation, maintenance, personnel and data backup? Using ORmatiC's Report on Demand Software  - you know at any time the present situation of your plant. That gives you the advantage to react very fast if the plant parameter make it necessary.

Our subsidiary company phiMicroTec specializes on measuring technology for the semiconductor industry.