Modernizing systems

Refitting means making old systems (plants) profitable again by increasing the efficiency and reducing the costs. Three factors, Maintenance – Modernisation – Expansion, are crucial in this regard ...  


Our support solutions

Life Cycle Service has been part of our service catalogue since we started with the automation of systems. Here, you can read about the measures required to increase the effectiveness of your system(s) and to extend their service life! 


Biofaser Plus

We strive for sustainability, which has been our motivation for entering the joint research project “Material use of ligno-cellulose-containing fermentation products for wood-based materials” in cooperation with the Association for Sustainable Use of Materials (GNS)...


The ORmatiC GmbH started out with classic automation, but we have since embarked on a path toward offering solutions for topics that can be summarised under the term Industry 4.0.

In process automation, we are responsible for the fields of sensor technology, visualisation, reporting, alarming and remote maintenance. In particular in the area of  biogas / hygienisation plants, we can offer a variety of industry-specific solutions. For each industry, we are able to adapt the described services and create comparable solutions.

In the industrial sector, we have implemented various controls with technology from tried and tested manufacturers such as Siemens, Wago and Beckhoff. The web scada software phiControl by our subsidiary phiMatic software solution GmbH finalises the step toward Industry 4.0.

In addition, the field of automation also includes our biOmatic visualisation system.



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IT Solutions

Today, automation technology is inconceivable without IT technology. In addition to the classic fields of process and industrial automation, ORmatiC offers a series of application software and various products in the area of IT Solutions:

  • With our infOmatic Portal, we have developed a purely web-based software solution for our customers, which includes data reporting, a system maintenance and product management tool.
  • With our Connect-to-Cloud service as part of the infOmatic portal,  we move every process to the cloud.
  • The ORmatiC Easy VPN Solution. You can use it to simply create and manage your own encrypted communication networks.
  • We also offer web-based support for energy management data analysis and direct marketing.
  • Using VPN Technology, we enable the secure remote monitoring of your facility. 
  • The field of IT solutions also includes the virtualization of PC technology (virtual machines).


    We offer our customers support throughout their plants’ life cycle: For us, maintenance, modernisation and expansion are part of the general plant optimization. Here we have summarized how you can maximise the output of your plant without generating extra costs, while at the same time ensuring the plant’s long-term operation.  Studies have shown that the control optimization of production processes harbours an enormous potential for cost reduction.