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Virtualization of PC technology

Does this sound familiar?

The computer crashes, and your plant is out of commission for almost an entire day.  You had to change your computer hardware, which led to a chain reaction of additional changes: upgrade of the operating system, upgrade of the SCADA system and all drivers. In addition to the enormous licensing costs you accrued, you were also faced with a high engineering effort and expenses.
Every year, you are forced to buy an upgrade for your SCADA system (25%+ of the new price). Every year, you have to face the enormous costs for implementing the upgrades.

We offer a solution
that helps you avoid these inconveniences: We are going to virtualise your PC!

What does PC virtualisation mean?

We encapsulate the productive computer with the operating system in use, all drivers, the SCADA system and the data in a Virtual Machine. This Virtual Machine can then be started on any PC server or in the Cloud, where it fulfils its functions.


Defective computer – If tour computer is defective, the new computer can be operational again in no more than one hour, with an absolute minimum of data loss!

New hardware – you can integrate new plant components in your SCADA by simply completing your engineering on a copy of the currently used Virtual Machine. This allows for risk-free testing and subsequent replacement with no problems.

Securing – How can I effectively secure the process data and recipes and import them again? It is very simple: Make regular backups of the entire Virtual Machine. After a system crash, the last backup of the Virtual Machine can be used to make your plant operational again.

Conclusion - With this virtualisation, you significantly increase your plant’s security, and – first and foremost – you can easily set up a new production system.

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