biOmatic consists of 9 system blocks:

  1. User interface

  2. Process interface with more than 300 interface drivers so that the database (PDB) of the user interface reliably accesses the PLC system used.

  3. Historical database saves all data (process values, input values, alarms, messages) unadulterated

  4. Reporting with the presentation of current and historical alarms and process values ​​in trends, reports in table form, creation of material lists

  5. A complete alarm system, with acknowledgment, user management, escalation strategy, SMS or voice service.

  6. Transfer of historical data to a central database

  7. Complex user management, optionally via Windows user administration

  8. Optional: user storage can be activated (all settings on the system are saved in csv-files for a fixed period of time on the PC)

  9. Optional: Voice switching can be integrated


These functions are available to the user:

biOmatic application

  1. No matter where you are in the service, it is always as much as possible to see from the whole plant!
  2. The size of the opened operating and functional images is adapted to the respective display. The filling distances can also be completely monitored in the operating mode!
  3. Each operator must be logged in with his / her name in order to carry out handling operations within the framework of rights management. For manual input of material and analytical values ​​or management actions the registration is essential.
  4. The parameterization is located directly on the control unit and the parameters belong to the control elements of the respective control screen!

For automatic and manual operation, there are integrated interlocks for process pumps and valves. This prevents the switching of a process pump in manual operation, when the associated media flow is not free due to open valves. Valves, on the other hand, cannot be switched when a pump is turned on in the associated process cycle. In maintenance operation, the individual agitators and process pumps can be switched without any monitoring. It is also possible to switch the valves on site without monitoring. If an open valves leaves the final position, the associated process pump is immediately switched off automatically, since every on-site intervention can lead to damages and must therefore be undertaken with the utmost consideration and care!  

The actuators, especially agitators and process pumps, can have three operating states, which interlock each other:

  •         Automatic operation
  •         Manual operation
  •         Maintenance operation

In addition, the operating hours are shown in each operating element. In the case of a malfunction of the actuator, the operation is always on service.

The entire system is password-protected. There are 4 hierarchies in runtime mode, which can be provided with any number of users:

  •     watcher (Startup Mode)
  •     operator
  •     expert
  •     supervisor


We distinguish 2 types of alarms:

  1.     Online alarms, these are current alarms which are displayed in the main screen but can only be acknowledged via the online alarm tag.
  2.     Historical alarms, these are queried from the historical database and show the time of coming, acknowledgment and walking. These are not shown in the main picture.

In addition, a message or event overview can also be integrated. This differs from the alarm overview in that the messages need no confirmation.

biOmatic alarms and safety


Use of the Melsys alarm manager product with the following features:

  • Determination of the alarms to be transferred based on the MSR list
  • Determination of a list of recipients, incl. handing over of the mobile telephones for the test 
  • Definition of a contingency plan, if desired
  • Determination of the escalation strategy
  • Voice or SMS transmission with acknowledgement; in this process, the alarm notification text is transmitted to inform the alarm recipient about the exact nature of the alarm
  • Simple configuration of the contingency planning


The maximum security of the customer is guaranteed today and in the future: biOmatic consists of special biogas plant objects, which were created on the basis of the SCADA system Proficy iFix and the database Proficy Historian. This means, biOmatic is a biogas plant object library, which has been set up by the ORmatiC on standard software.

This concept gives you the assurance that biOmatic applications will run on future hardware platforms with the corresponding operating system. You can already link up to 300 different PLC systems to biOmatic over a wide variety of buses.