Automation biogas plants

In recent years we have specialized in the automation of biogas plants. Together with our partner firm, Hilbrecht & Schmidt GmbH, we act as full suppliers in this area. In all our projects we implement industry-tested technology, from sensors to switching technology, SPS and visualisation.

  • Automation of biogas plants
  • Modernization / refitting of biogas plants
  • Visualization with biOmatic
  • Web portal infOmatic
  • Plant optimization
  • Controller optimization

The services we have specially adapted for the biogas sector are based on the long-term know-how of our employees, which they have collected in large parts in companies such as GE, Fraunhofer Institute, Siemens, Infineon or Phillips.

Based on our experience with various configurations of biogas plants: direct feed to fermenter, utilization of a mash hydrolysis system, upstream levels of hygienization and pre-acidization, direct heating of fermenters, fermenter heating through heat exchange systems, we have created modules on two control platforms, which enables us to react quickly and cost-efficiently to our customers’ demands.

Whether you are looking for cost-optimised central control or distributed intelligence, ORmatiC offers a solution.

  • General chart of the plant with alarm and report windows
  • Detailed images with operator level
  • Historical and online trends
  • Historical and online alarms
  • Several user levels
  • Online reporting
  • Historical data storage
  • Offline reporting
  • Reporting systems (SMS, language, various broadcast media)
  • Remote maintenance

ORmatiC offers experience and solutions in the automation of cost-optimized NaWaRo-plants with an output between 150 and 750 kW, as well as food waste fermentation plants with a range of several megawatts. We have developed several concepts for steering and control stands which we market under the product name biOmatic.

Especially for the biogas field, we have developed the following control and observation modules, which can be purchased as part of our standard offer or added on to other existing systems:

  • Control of pump and macerator (especially for concepts with mash/hydrolysis or mixing container)
  • Energy management for the maximation of electric power input
  • Remote surveillance concept for operators of more than one biogas plants
  • Centralised data analysis
  • Surveillance and operation via Client Server architecture

Gas outlet protection

We offer our customers uncomplicated retrofitting of your repository:


When the fermentation residue is removed from the final storage, there is the risk of gas leakage. The reason is the lowering of the minimum filling height during manual pumping, eg by a suction truck. As a result, gas is inadvertently pumped out with the fermentation substrate and forms a highly explosive mixture. In order to avoid this safety risk, your fermentation residue storage can be easily retrofitted with an underfill protection. We offer you a safe and easy retrofit of your fermenter storage with a gas exhaust system. That means:

  1. A radar probe is installed at the repository,
  2. only 230 V is placed on the supplied control box
  3. and the system works: Gas leakage is prevented.

Your great advantage when retrofitting: Integration into the control system is not absolutely necessary. Prerequisite: In the control box, there is a contact for the tap of the underfill signal as an analogue - and as an alarm value, in order to place it on the control system, if desired. A further possibility of the subsequent protection against gas leakage is to tap the signals in the closed system and bring them to the control system. Contact us - we also offer you a suitable solution!


The retrofitting of fermenter bearings with underfill protection includes the delivery of the following components:

  • Configured radar probe
  • Holding bar for the radar probe   
  • Box with acknowledgment button and externally mounted lamp / horn   
  • Documentation with cable type specification

Optional we offer:
Installation of the underfill protection with cost calculation according to effort. Assembling at a flat rate when retrofitting with several underfill protection devices. This flat rate includes the complete assembly of the radar probe, including the holding brackets, control box incl. Complete cabling, as well as all additional costs.

You give us the most accurate information about the dimensions and distances. We have a fermentation rack underfill protection sketch, which you therefore have to fill out exactly and submit with your order. Please note: Should additional travel costs or the production of a new holding device be necessary due to errors in the dimensions, these costs will be billed to you at cost. If the roof construction is made of a wooden floor, a hole is to be cut in our premises according to our specifications. If necessary, shaft work or other structural activities must be carried out by the customer.


Whether cost-optimized central control or distributed intelligence, we use standard DELL-PC-s with a maintenance contract as a control center, on which a stand-alone SCADA, a client server system or a redundant solution has been implemented as the control system. Through consistent further development of existing technologies and the development of new technologies, we continually strive to optimize the operating results of the biogas plants. → Life Cycle Services

By means of a suitable and optimized system and process control, large quantities of energy, water and input materials can be saved. We as ORmatiC investigate your process and / or plant and provide a → concept for optimization. Savings potentials and costs arising as part of the optimization process are clearly identified. Decisions can be made on the basis of an econometric calculation. On request, we will check the possibilities for support for investment costs through cogeneration promotion.