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Industrial automation

Industrial and factory automation concerns the optimisation of the manufacturing of specific products. In detail, this involves the production of individual components and their subsequent processing and assembly into products with a complex function.
As a rule, the field of automation comprises the tasks of transporting the components between processing machines in a way that ensures the most efficient production process possible.

This also involves the fastest possible transport of components from point A to point B, as well as their positioning and assembly. Here, accuracy and speed are the yard stick for optimal production. Therefore, band and positioning control in connection with count and quality monitoring are at the centre of automation.

The ORmatiC team has implemented various controls with Siemens technology in the industrial field. Whether escalators, oven systems for industrial bakeries or the separation of packaging boxes for a renowned cigarette manufacturer – we emphasise quality and thus long-term, secure solutions. In addition to Siemens, we also have experience with industrial control systems by the following manufacturers:  Wago, Beckhoff, Allan Bradley, Schneider Electric, Phönix, GE.

We have taken a step toward Industry 4.0 with the Web SCADA phiControl: As a solution provider for the company phiMatic software solution GmbH, we offer 100% native SCADA software solutions with phiControl. Thus, you can carry your facility in your pocket at all times: platform-independent on your Smartphone, tablet or PC. Your web browser becomes a full-fledged control station.