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Process automation

Process automation involves the control, monitoring and regulation of material flows. In the process, new materials are created from individual partial quantities with specific properties (chemistry, pharmaceutical industry, NuG) and the material flows are transferred into a state that makes them usable for humans and animals – e.g., in the water supply or climate control, or material flows are transformed into energy (energy, bio-technology).

Therefore, mix, pump, dosing and control tasks are the primary concern of automation realisation. In the past years, the ORmatiC was able to gain valuable experience in the areas of energy and bio-technology.

Experts in automation technology

We have been involved in the automation of plants for more than 10 years. Our know-how encompasses the fields of sensor technology, control technology, visualisation, reporting, alarming and remote maintenance.

With automation systems such as Proficy ifix by GE, WinCC by Siemens, Factory Talk by Rockwell or Intouch by Wonderware/Schneider, we emphasise quality and industry-tried technology. With the web-based system phiControl by phiMatic GmbH, we count on innovation and a future-oriented approach.  

In the field of SPS technology, we put our trust in the market leaders such as Siemens, Schneider Electric and Rockwell Automation/ Alan Bradley. With the compact, scalable SPS systems by Wago and Beckhoff, we offer an optimal solution for customers with high demands regarding flexibility and scalability.   

Our service spectrum

  • Delivery, installation, E-technical integration of sensors for the ex and non-ex area
  • Laying of cables  
  • Electrical connection of all actuators
  • Switch cabinet construction including MSR cabinet, reactive current compensation
  • Electrical design
  • Control creation
  • Visualization creation
  • Data storage
  • Online and offline data evaluation / reporting
  • Remote monitoring


Since we are increasingly "trimming" our enterprise towards industry 4.0, cloud remote control and port solutions are playing an increasingly important role.
We have built up know-how in the following areas, which we are happy to provide to customers in projects:


Java Script C-Sharp VB-Script JSON Python Linux Shell Script Visual Basic .Net HTML 5 CSS 3 jQuery





Data archiving, reporting and representation in portals are becoming increasingly important, we have implemented solutions with the following databases:


MS SQL My SQL Proficy Historian Videc Acron MongoDB





Our portfolio automation software

We aim to win you over with quality and long-term results. Therefore, we cooperate with renowned manufacturers. We are experienced with and support the following visualisation productsSiemens – WinCC SCADA, WINCC fexibel, WinCC for TIA, GE – Proficy ifix, Proficy Cimplicity, Rockwell - Factory Talk, Schneider/Wonderware – Intouch, phiMatic – phiControl (100% web-basiert), 

Regarding the programming of industry controls (SPS), we have extensive experience with the following manufacturers: Siemens, Wago, Beckhoff, Allan Bradley, Schneider Electric, Phönix, GE

We are able to safely handle the following communication buses: Profibus DP, ProfiNet, Industrial Ethernet, Ethercat, Ethernet IP, Modbus RTU/ASCII, Modbus TCP, OPC DA/EA/UA, OPC-Tunnel, IEC 60870-5-101/104, IEC61850, VHP Ready