We are an innovative company with headquarters in Berlin. The ORmatiC GmbH has many years of experience in the following areas:

  • Sensor design
  • Implementation of plants according to functional safety and explosion protection
  • EMSR ATEX-relevant work such as risk analysis, explosion protection concepts and documentation
  • Development of control solutions
  • Development, simulation and implementation of complex regulations
  • Pump control and compressor technology
  • Design of anything from simple panel visualisations to complex control systems (client-server)
  • Revision of E plans and R&I plans
  • Accompaniment of experts in regard to EMSR technical reviews
  • Long-term data archiving and analysis
  • Big Data and Cloud Computing

In recent years, our sales amounted to approx. 2 million Euro/year. Our customers include Vattenfall, OTIS, KTG Energy Agrar, Osters and Voss, Refood/Rethmann, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, Bigadan, GICON, Krieg& Fischer, entec, and Becker-Jacob Group.

ORmatiC is the certified system partner of Siemens and GE. Our innovative capabilities are supported by various successfully completed funding projects (project sponsor AiF, Jülich). Our scope of work includes risk assessment studies according to FMEA, HAZOP, etc., planning and implementation of functional safety up to SIL3, QM based on ISO9001, development of specific control strategies, implementation of databases and web-based solutions.



ORmatiC GmbH was founded in 2007 with 4 full-time employees. Today, we have 12 permanent full-time employees (academics, engineers, technicians) as well as 5 students with a finished Bachelor’s degree. Sole shareholders and managing directors are Thomas Nehring, Borko Georgiew and Stefan Schmoranzer.

We have used our experience in the field of automation technology to offer our customers even smarter solutions with our own products: with phiControl, the first product by our subsidiary phiMatic, and our infOmatic web portal, we have long since implemented Industry 4.0. Besides classic automation technology, we also work in the following areas:

  • Development of a Cloud-based information and VPN portal
  • Implementation of direct marketing/SRL for various biogas plants
  • Development and implementation of various interfaces for OTIS (BACnet, CompaSS)
  • Concept design for direct marketing for BGPs on the basis of VHPready 3.0 in conjunction with Vattenfall (Mr. B. Maaß) in the year 2013
  • Design, specification development and planning of specific processor hardware
  • Planning and implementation of special sensor technology
  • Implementation of an ORC system in conjunction with Mahle/Amovis in the BGP Baruth
  • Automation of biogas plants (N.E.W. Organic Energy AG, Biogas Osters & Voß GmbH & Co KG)
  • Automation of hygienisation plants (Bigadan Deutschland GmbH, entec bio power GmbH)
  • Automation of industry plants (Phillip Morris, Coolback)
  • Optimation of refrigeration plants (Vattenfall)
  • Burner optimation (EKO Eisenhüttenstadt)
  • Regulator development (Nabertherm, M&S)
  • Product development (KMK, phiMatic)
  • Project execution (VW, bue, Infineon)

We do not just talk about the virtual enterprise, we actually implement it. Our organization is entirely decentralised, enabling us to offer fast and inexpensive customer service on a supra-regional level. Our staff members do not work from a central office but are home-based. We have also explored new paths in the integration of suppliers, partners and customers, utilising modern web technology supplied by the company phlux GmbH. This enables us to offer our customers as well as our suppliers and partners the fastest possible access to all relevant data.

Our projects are implemented on a national, Europe-wide and global scale.

Our team is our capital – therefore, we emphasise a contemporary work environment and offer our employees a home office as well as 100% flextime. All of our team members enjoy the friendly and relaxed work atmosphere. Friends and customers can experience this first-hand at our ORmatiC party.